Wolfmedia Consultation Retreats & Products

To provide a safe, warm, relaxing, and instructional place for therapists, counselors, and all caregivers involved with military families - including the families themselves 
Wolfmedia and the Fallbrook Center were founded by Dr. Sally Wolf PhD MFT PCE, and are designed to offer creative and innovative consultation to individual, small business and corporate clients. We provide consultation services, online instruction, and retreats for a variety of corporate, small group, and individual focuses including stress reduction techniques, care for a caregiver, avoiding work related burnout. We provide products and training to help individuals and professionals with guided meditation practices. Dr. Wolf also provides marriage and family private sessions in the comfort of the retreat setting.

Whether you’re in a high stress corporate environment, or face the daily challenges of running your own business or professional practice, our products and seminars can help ease you through even the most difficult times.

CEO and Lead Counselor Dr. Wolf focuses on keeping positive and balanced during the current arduous financial and political climate. As professional therapists, we all know how the problems of the world can sometimes dull or disrupt our own personal lives. 

These programs will help keep you on track, maintaining a clear perspective as we continue to serve others implementing the most up-to-date caregiver techniques. Dr. Wolf is also a provider of Conituing Education units in California and CEUs can be acquired in all retreats or online at militarycounselingceu.com